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We all share a passion for the holistic therapy profession, each bringing something different from a variety of fields. We're here to share the benefits of holistic therapy, helping with all of your needs.

We love to focus on supporting people to make long term holistic lifestyle changes where the therapies we offer and products we provide fit responsibly, ethically and perfectly.


Amber - Reservations

Amber is a fountain of treatment knowledge and works behind the scenes supporting our team, managing booking enquiries and is often described as the oil amoung the cogs. You'll find Amber involved with testing new treatments, products and when not working most likely enjoying a treatment herself. If you have any questions regarding any of the treatments we offer or for help arranging a visit please contact Amber at  

Holistic Therapist

Evie - Holistic Therapist

Evie has worked with some of the leading spa's in the UK and has a passion for helping visitors to experience the benefits of relaxation through the relief of muscular tension. Evie is highly qualifiied in a range of therapy treatments and is able to deliver a number of holistic approaches in order to help those she works with acieve their goals. Away from work Evie is just as active and can always be found getting involved in a host of activities and events.

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Holistic Therapist

Bonnie - Holistic Therapist

We're currently working on Bonnie's profile which will be ready soon!

Holistic Therapist

Grace - Holistic Therapist

Grace is local to Bath having originally trained here many years ago. Grace's holistic journey has seen her work with some of the leading names in hospitality, spa and leisure within the UK. Grace loves working with our Elemis facials and body treatments. When not here at Radiance you'll find Grace indulging in some retail therapy.

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James - Reservations

James works behind the scenes supporting our team and knows all there is to know about the treamtents we offer. If you have any questions regarding any of our treatments, treatment collections or anything else you think we can help with please do ask. James and AMber have a shared email address so you will always be able to reach one or the other at  






Holistic Therapist

Ellie - Holistic Therapist

Ellie enjoys helping our visitors relax into a calm space and mindset. Having studied complimentary therapies over the past 4 years her favourite treatments are facials and our longer 90 minute massage options (tranquillity and deep tissue). Ellie also loves to keep active and fit and can often be found taking on the next challenge at her local gym. As well as her therapist role Ellie is also responsible for the operational side of our business.

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Holistic Director

Emma - Holistic Director

Emma holds a degree in psychology and a number of qualifications in counselling practices and therapies. Emma has a keen interest in mindfulness, meditation, yoga and currently works with a health care provider in the South West in a senior role. Emma's current treatment focuses are Indian head massage, Reiki and holistic massage work such as our Naturally Nourishing & Tranquility treatments.  

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Managing Director

Roger - Managing Director

Roger has directed the strategy and operations in Leisure & Spa within some of the UK's leading brands. Having studied bio-medical science at university in Cambridge & Sports Massage Therapy in Norwich & Bath, he is also a member of the British Association of Sports & Exercise Scientists and Royal Medical Society. He has a keen interest in how holistic and rehabilitative practices can improve performance, lifestyles and day to day tasks. An ex rugby player and competitive sculler he can often be found working with visitors, members and guests and overseeing the day to day running of the business. 

Treatment bookings: Please call our friendly team directly for Roger's latest availability.

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