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If you're making a booking on someone elses behalf, you can either book directly with one of our friendly team or book online by hitting the 'Book Now' button below 24hrs a day. (For full booking terms & conditions please see our 'Terms' page)

Our Gift Cards are posted FREE of charge and now last for 15 months until further notice - We've also updated some of the details below...

Why is a Radiance Gift Card perfect?

Whatever the occassion finding the right gift or present can sometimes be tricky. Just when you think you're there that little thought of doubt creeps in and it's got you questioning whether you've made the rigth decision or not or perhaps you know exactly what they would like but you just want to give the maximum amount of choice. A Radiance Gift Card is perfect as it gives the lucky person who receives one choice and flexibility.

How do I arrange a Gift Card?

Call one of our friendly team 0n 01225 975 997 between 10am and 2pm - We'll arrange your gift card to be registered (so if it gets lost we can replace it) and sent out to your chosen address. If it's going directly to the person recieving it, we can even add a little personalised message for you.

How much can I arrange the Gift Card for?

You can arrange your gift card for any value of £5 or more. They come in a lovely gift pack with a copy of our latest treatment brochure and all the information you and the lucky person you are gifting it to will need.

What treatments can they be used towards?

Any - That's what makes them such a great gift. Use the whole balance to cover a treatment or use towards your treatment choices and add a little yourself for a longer stay.

How long do they last?

Radiance Gift Cards last for a whole 15 months from the date of purchase. 

What if I can't phone during your opening hours?

That's not a problem, we know just how busy the world is (that's why we do what we do) and we also have many overseas customers that we send gift cards to UK addresses for on their behalf. If you are unable to call one of our team during our opening hours of 10am to 2pm, you can email us directly on letting us know how you would like us to help and we can talk you through the process from there. It's pretty simple really, we'll do all the arrangements for you and send you a PayPal invoice, once that's all sorted we'll send your Radiance Gift Card out straight away.

Is there a postage charge?

There is a postage charge of £3.95 which exactly covers the cost of the postage and the protective Royal Mail packaging that protect the Gift Pack whilst it's on route.
Please Note: Radaince Gift Cards are non-refundable once purchased, can only be used towards treatment options and cannot be exchanged for cash.
Once the expiry date has been reached the Gift Card will automatically become void. Bookings made using a Gift Card are subject to the same terms and conditions as any other booking (Please see terms)
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