Why have a sports therapy treatment?

This type of massage facilitates optimum performance, prevents and rehabilitates injuries and is tailored to your specific activity needs; from gardening to professional standard sports participation.

Benefits include:

- Prevention of muscle and tendon (Soft tissue) injury
- Reduction of pain as well as stresses and strains on the joints.
- Enhanced recovery and ability to train, move and perform with improved soft tissue performance.
- Improves circulation, range of motion and general wellbeing.
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Sports Therapy Treatments facilitate optimum performance, help rehabilitate injuries and are tailored to your specific needs (being mindful of the activities you are involved in). This type of therapy is a practical, specific application of Myofascial, Swedish massage, compressions, deep tissue, cross-fiber friction and stretching techniques. Sports Therapy can yield immediate, significant and positive results in performance, range of movement improvement and injury rehabilitation. Contrary to popular belief Sports Therapies are not painful however more targeted towards specific results from treatment. We've selected the following treatments as our top suggestions to help support your physical activity goals and recovery.

Myofascial Cupping

£54.95 - 60 Minutes
Myofascial Cupping promotes the circulation of blood and healing by helping to remove stagnation and toxins which are often associated with joint and muscle pain.  Myofascial Cupping and massage are combined in this treatments to target the alleviation of musculoskeletal tension, it's a great treatment for those with painful or tight back and shoulder areas. People with demanding jobs looking to relax and reduce their stress levels will also benefit from cupping although it's not an appropriate treatment if you have a skin condition.

Sports Therapy Massage 

£29.95– 30 Minutes

If you are already having Sports Therapy Massage treatments with us a 30 Minute visit might be just what's needed for some focused follow up work. A 30 minute Sports Therapy Treatment can also be great as part of your pre event plan to assist in preparing you for an upcoming event, ensuring muscle fibers are at optimal length and can aid in calming nervous tension whilst invigorating the tissues. 30 minute sessions are only open to those currently recieveing treatment with us.

Sports Therapy Massage 

£49.95– 60 Minutes

Sports Therapy Massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit anyone engaged in regular physical activity or exercise. During your first visit it's important that we understand where you have come from and your activity history, where you are right now and any complications you may be experiencing, where you would like to be and what you hope to achieve from your treatment. This time frame allows us to complete an initial assessment with you and an exploratory treatment or is a great amount of time to focus on maintenance requirements. 

Sports Therapy Massage 

£69.95– 90 Minutes

If your diary allows, this timeframe is suitable as an initial visit or for a follow up maintenance treatment. With the extra time a thorough assessment, the treatment of specifically targeted areas and maintenance of other areas can be completed. Maintenance treatments whether 60 minutes or 90 minutes assist in preventing or managing chronic injuries and addressing on going postural or repetitive strain issues.

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