Our Bath home is now almost 500 years old but you can forget boring, stuffy or clinical; each space has it’s own genuine character and personality developed over time. If you find yourself surrounded by furnishings from the far east, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Indian Ocean or other parts of the world it's because we were there, choosing them in person before they took pride of place in our Btah home. So whether you choose one of our twin or individual rooms, every furnishing and treatment space has it's own story that we'd be happy to share with you. 

The Hideaway

The Hideaway has a warm and sumptuous feel, having been completed with a roll-top bath for our Organic oil and Himalayan mineral soaks. A luxurious environment in one of the oldest parts of our Bath home, it's perfect for twin therapy treatments and helping to ease away the stresses and strains that modern life can bring with it. 

The Drawing Room

Get ready to be impressed; The Drawing Room offers a calming and unique setting, it features stunning mural art works by local artist Alex Lucas (Lucas Antics) not to forget the double walk-in rain showers. This one is always a favourite for treatment collections and twin therapy bookings.

The Snug

The Snug is warm and cosy with a hint of the far east and exploration. Think vibrant colours, herbal tea, incense and about the therapy journey ahead. This room is most certainly unique and a favourite for our Indian Intuition therapy by candle-light but the choice is yours.

The Library

The Library is the highest point of our Bath home, above the daily hustle and bustle of the city. This room is perfect for pondering, getting some 'mind space' and although there may be plenty of books there's no work to be done here that's for sure. Put your feet up and float away in our holistic cloud for an hour or two.

The Courtyard (Coming Summer 2020)

We're really excited about our courtyard project launching in 2020. It's a traditional setting, surrounded on four sides by buildings open to the sky. Private and not overlooked, we'll be sharing the developments with you as we go. 

The Hideaway and Drawing Room are suitable for twin therapy visits. Please contact us directly to help you arrange this. 

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